The 100: Season 7

May. 20, 2020
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The arrangement is set 97 years after a staggering atomic war cleared out practically all life on Earth. The main realized survivors are the inhabitants of twelve space stations in Earth’s circle preceding the war. The space stations grouped together to shape a solitary huge station named “The Ark”, wenis aplenty around 2,400 individuals live. Assets are rare and all violations regardless of their temperament or seriousness are deserving of death (“gliding”) except if the culprit is under 18 years old. After the Ark’s life emotionally supportive networks are seen as fundamentally coming up short, one hundred adolescent detainees are pronounced “extra” and sent to the surface in a last-jettison endeavor to decide whether Earth is tenable once more. The adolescents show up on a lovely planet they’ve just observed from space. Standing up to the perils of this tough new world, they battle to shape a conditional network. Notwithstanding, they find that not all mankind was cleared out. There are individuals on Earth who endure the war, called “grounders” by the 100. The Ark comprises of the space stations already speaking to the countries of the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, China, Japan, India, Russia, Venezuela, France, Brazil, and Uganda.


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